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Day in review

This Morning

Last night lounged. Spent some time with the wife before passing out. Work this morning at 6:30 and took the dog for a long walk. She inspired me to run down the street.

Noah is so good to his little sister. As I am walking Molly I can hear Amy crying through the window. She wants to be released from her room and greet the day. As I come in the house, Noah is carrying her into the living room. He looks up at me and fails to she his older sister laying on the floor and in one motion he trips over her sending Amy and himself to the ground. No one was hurt but it was very comical. Noah has innocent clumsiness down to a science.

Sarah (floor) had her friend (couch) over for the night. They were up very late.

Tommy was jealous of the girls and tried to stay up as late as they did. His glasses were confiscated. Yesterday Tommy talked his brother into something awful.

It is difficult to tell when Noah is emulating Tommy and when he is just being an 8 year old. He just drank a glass of milk and had milk on his check, all around his mouth as if it were sloppily applied lipstick, and dripping down his chin. He then proceeded to walk around the house as if there were nothing on his face. That is the kind of thing I would expect of Tommy but Noah I would expect would wipe his mouth and maybe even wash his hands. Noah has evolved some of Tommy’s blank stares and rude comments.

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