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Bank went negative on Friday while I sat on a $75 …

Bank went negative on Friday while I sat on a $75 insurance check. Immediately incurred $5 (transfer fee from overdraft) + $12 (continuous overdraft fee for Sat and Sun) + $6 (continuous overdraft fee for yesterday) totaling $23 in fees so far.

No foreseeable income in the near future. The projects I have won’t pay by Friday. Immediate expenses:

Power company $550 by Friday or they shut us off

Car insurance overdue $120 (in our state I think the penalty for driving without insurance is that you lose your license for a year…which just means we end up with a bunch of unlicensed and uninsured people driving around)

Telephone by Friday $140

Garbage service $90

One company threatening lawsuit to collect $600-1000

There are others but this is depressing. How does anyone ever get out from a situation like this? I know. I know. Get a job. Damn it’s said that done!

This is obviously all my fault and all within my control but at same time it is so overwhelming and overpowering.

Back to coding.

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