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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

Last night I wanted to spend some time with my depressed wife so we watched some television and chatted. I decided before returning to the computer a couple of hours of shuteye would do me good. 2:31am rolled around and I look looked at the clock but could not draw myself from the bed. 4:27am and I begged for “just a little more.” At 5:12am I sat upright and was glad to be starting the day so early. It has finally happened! At 6am I snapped awake wondering why at 5:12 I had not actually gotten out of bed. At 6am I did rise, clean up the dog’s pee. Apparently she ate the solid stuff or just didn’t do it yet. Then I walked the dog and now I blog.

Today needs to have 4 intense processes happening at once with about 8 lessors processes interspersed. It is an impossible amount to achieve yet it must be done!

Somethings on the list:

* 2 client websites that need to have major progress made.

* 1 client needing a follow-up email regarding his website

* Write marketing piece

* Follow-up marketing information sent to the people I spoke to on the phone yesterday.

* Update Monster, Flipdog, Dice, Hotjobs, Futurestep, and Headhunter.

* 1 personal/business website that needs updating

* more sales calls

* schedule followup meeting for possible web contract

* transfer of domains from paid server to free server

* update finances

* make phone calls to creditors, power company, phone company

* call insurance company

* signup at Protemp

* put Noah’s speed-o-meter on his bike and fix his brakes (highest priority)

* help Cathy decide on Tommy’s birthday party

I’m sure left out a whole bunch.

Amy is up too early.

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