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The Afternoon/Evening

Let’s see. Got my resume up on Futurestep and yes there is much more I could do with it there. Found that HotJobs is part of yahoo..maybe it always was..but didn’t get info in there yet. Headhunter is CareerBuilder which is Microsoft. Got the process started there. Flipdog goes to but I’m not sure that it is the same thing as Monster.

Got spiffied up in a tie and headed to Protemp Staffing to fill out the same information I’ve been putting on all the online stuff but this time I have to write it out. Then I take a test from ProveIt and the whole time I am taking the tests I am thinking that in 1994 I knew how to write stuff like ProveIt and that I have no excuse for not having been on the cover of Fortune magazine and Time Life! And I could do such a better job than ProveIt. My test scores were exceptional and it looks like they are going to try to place me in a job paying $10 or $12 per hour. I’m doing so well for myself!!

All this took much longer than expected so my 3pm became a 4:30pm. Either the muffler or the catalytic converter popped as I pressed down on the gas and the Jeep instantly became a rumbling baby monster truck. Rednecks all around sighed as their eyes teared up and they thought, “aw. Wut a purdy soundin’ ngin.”

During my 4:30 meeting I let my mind forget that Sarah wanted to be at the middle school at 5pm. So at 5:40pm as I am racing into the traffic jam on the interstate I can feel my temple pulsing with stress. Fortunately Cathy’s mom came by to watch the boys and Amy so I headed straight toward the middle school to meet Cathy and Sarah. As the King of Backroads I shaved 15 minutes drive time and would have beat Sarah and Cathy to the school by about 1 minute had it not been for a utility truck that at rush hour had the road completely closed (as my luck would have it). A quick U-turn, a 3 mile detour and I arrived as they were entering the building.

We enjoyed seeing Sarah meet her teachers, fellow classmates and vice-principal. I made certain to be as embarassing as any dad could be. Sarah of course new the vp because of Tommy and ironically her good friend (also in her class) was known because of her brother who is also Aspergers. Our lives are often very surreal. I imagine that if our lives were depicted as a painting that it would look something akin to a joint work between Picasso and Escher made to Pink Floyd tunes while the two artists drank beer, toked some mary jane, and sniffed nose candy–that is, a melancholic master piece of conflicting frenzied chaos with undertones of genius bordering on the edge of insanity and certain to instill a sense of vertigo in the disconnected viewer but quite possibly nothing more than a disorderly finger painting. The poetic aspect of that sentence is that it has about as much sense as it was intended to convey…ergo, it stays.

I need a little down time.

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