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Knox County Transportation (594-1550) rings busy thing morning.

We showed up for the bus at 7:20. The bell rings at 7:45. 7:46 the kids are officially late. So I drop Noah with the other parent that comes to the stop then I rush Sarah and her friend to their bus stop since I really don’t approve of them crossing Northshore. Traffic on Northshore today going east bound was beyond bad. After dropping the older girls I return to find Noah and friends still at their stop. 7:45 comes and goes and I check to make sure I can’t see the bus stuck in traffic. We load the car up and I use the backroads by going west bound so that I am not 20 minutes in traffic to drive 1 mile (1.5 km). On the backroads I pass the bus going the other direction. I still beat it to school and negotiate no tardies for the children that have been told “if you are late on Monday you will be counted tardy regardless.” The new principal is very nice! At 8:00 I am returning home and I pass the bus in traffic on Northshore still unarrived at the school. (or had it already been to the school and was now doing its middle school route?)

1 hour until the M-Team at the high school. Just enough time to get ready to go and maybe review the Jobs section of the news paper. I like how it has been switched from “Careers” to “Jobs.” The concept of a career is dying.

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