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So I have noticed that occasionally I get this strange fibrillation in my chest as if my heart instead of going “da thump da thump da thump” instead goes “da thump pause thump thump thump pause da thump.” I have always found it interested that toward the base of my sternum I can effectively watch my pulse. Now the pattern I described I actually feel slightly in my chest but mostly can feel with my hand at the base of my ribs on my right side. If I place a business card on my stomach there I can watch the card jump like a Mexican jumping bean or a metronome.

Cathy says it is anxiety but I think I am handling my stress fine. I’m not concerned about it but its one of those times where if I had insurance I’d consider consulting my gp. It is a little annoying because it’s one of those unnatural things your body decides to do that you have no control over. Like a water torture or an eye twitch.

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