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Poem – I Build Sand Castles

I build sand castles

This one I built too weak

Too many gains of sand

Too much thinking

Not enough water to drink.

Yes, this one is large

But it is weak.

This one was fine

But in my clumsiness

I stepped on it.

It is ok. We made repairs.

But then I stepped on it again.

The first castle crumbled some

And caused more damange

To this one fine creation.

The second castle is neat.

It stands alone

Separate from the others

But not untainted by their shadows.

This castle has sound engineering

And award winning architecture

But it stands alone.

There is sand in this bucket

That wants to be a castle.

It is so eagar.

Its particles spill from the container.

What will it be? Nothing without me.

However, I screwed up the other three.

There is sand in this bucket.

Stay there and I’ll protect thee.

These castles are built upon a hill.

It is strong and provides a wonderful foundation.

I undermine it. I steal its dirt from the base

To use for the castles upon its crest.

I undermine it and destroy the foundation

That provides for the other crumbling castles.

One other castle beneath this hill

Washed away so long ago.

The sands spread among the tears of the Ocean

Perhaps return to the beach one day to become

An insignificant part of yet another

Poorly built castle.

Oh look! I was mistaken.

I build my castles in the sky

Now the rain comes

And washes my sand to the by and by.

–DM 8/04

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