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* Met with Scout leader to discuss my duties as his assistant

* Performed some computer maintenance for a residential client and received a payment that will bring the back to only negative $1.03 (think I’ll scrape together 150 pennies to get that positive 47 cents

* Discussed kayak with interested party but he wants a 5 hour block of one of my weekends so we can try it out on the water before buying it. I wonder what a kayak brings at a pawn shop?

* Email sent to overseas client regarding bid

* Scheduled time to pickup computer with a new residential maintenance client

* Scheduled time to evaluate construction work with friend

* Discussed programming job with employer prospect. Indeed, I’m not the right fit in this case. Great conversation!

* Put Amy down for a nap…rather, she fell asleep sitting up on the couch so I got a diaper on her and carried her downstairs.

* Got positive email from overseas client regarding bid but he will not be able to answer my questions until Monday

Next tasks:

* Return call to job prospect

* Try to reach prospective maintenance client

* Print marketing regarding content management

* Print marketing regarding computer maintenance

* Cold calls

* Sub-contraction cold calls

* Construction contracting to friend

* Kayak to local consignment store

* Eat lunch

* Bid for web development job

(none of that is in order)

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