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Poverty- An Insider’s View

The automobile insurance has lapsed.

The fire protection on the house has lapsed.

The next things to go in rapid succession are cable tv (yes a luxury), Internet (a necessity), cell phones, electricity and house phone.

The funny thing about losing a utility or getting behind on a bill is that when you get a small amount of money you still can’t pay the bill because its jacked with reconnection fees and late fees and penalties so you end up making a choice between one bill and another. The same amount of money may have previously covered both bills but now you have to skip one to pay the other. Later you will have to pay the skipped one and it will have all the same fees and penalties so you will be back to squares.

Fire protection is right around $200 for the year. Let’s say now that its expired that the house catches fire. They still show up. They still save the lives and put the fire out. However, you then end up with a $9000+ bill to pay for water, salaries, etc. So, if you could not afford the protection when you had a house with a computer and a potential means, how are you supposed to pay $9k with everything water damaged and burned?

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