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From the Mouths of Babes

One of the unique pleasures you have as a parent is one that no new parent ever really thinks about or expects and that is sitting on the side of your tub cheerleading for your two year old as she sits on the toilet.

Dad: “You can do it! Push out the poop.”

Amy, pointing to the pictures on her special toilet seat: “Look Daddy! A duck!”

Dad: “Do ducks poop?”

Amy, shaking head: “NooOOO”

Dad: “Yes they do. Ducks poop.”

Mom from hallway: “Everyone Poops.”

Dad’s inner thoughts: That book is wrong.

Dad: “Does Molly poop?”

Amy: “No”

Dad: “Are you sure?”

Amy: “Molly poops inside!”

Ugh! Back to cheerleading… “Push the poop out! You can do it! Aw, that was a poot not a poop. Keep trying. Push it out! Shove it out! Waaaayy out!”


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