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More risers

6:09am rolls around and I’m busting a move. I’m in productivity mode. I’m getting coding done! But its time to wake Sarah. I try to get in her room but the door sticks and wakes Amy. I try to get Amy back down but she insists on being held. I hold her as she tightly squeezes my neck, a feeling I love, and I stir Sarah instructing her with a pointed finger on how to leave the room without Amy seeing her. It fails. Amy notices the empty bed. I hold her and rock her and she starts to fall asleep on my shoulder. Suddenly from the living room there is a rustle of papers as if someone were ripping a book to shreds. Amy’s head bolts upright. Apparently Noah reached a point in one of his books where he could create an animation by rapidly flipping the pages.

Tis ok. I brought myself to a stopping point then Amy and I walked the dog for a 2nd time.

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