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Hot Fun

Took the crew including Molly to the park. Noah had a metal detector in hand, Amy fell asleep in the car, Tommy had his airplane, Sarah had Molly, Cathy had Amy, and I had a mission.

Sarah immediately started to tie Molly up so I took Molly. Tommy and I went off and flew his plane. It worked well until one crash caused the wings to quit opening. One more toy for me to repair.

Amy woke of course and went to declaring all the play ground equipment, “hot!”

Pre-teen Sarah bored quickly and declared, “the mall is more fun than the park.”

Tommy grew weary of shooting a plane in the sky that would not open its wings.

Noah sought Tommy and I out.

Molly got released within the ballfield since it was totally contained but instead of running wildly she stayed by my side. Tommy said, “wee! Look at her. She’s so happy. Look at her run!” This said while she walked slowly toward the gate as if begging to be let out.

We actually had a pretty good time and Molly was so worn out that she slept hard most of the rest of the day.


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