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So after frantically trying to air the house out a…

So after frantically trying to air the house out and scrub the floors the girl scouts started drifting in. I was freed of any duties for a half an hour and decided it prudent that I make progress on hooking the stereo up. It’s been dormant for who knows how long. 2-3 years possibly. The speakers have just been book ends on the cabinets. I made a decision not to hook the whole thing up but to periodically make a little progress until it was together. I had a good stride today and wiped the mini-project out in half an hour! I have music in my life again! Now if I can get the CDs out of that horrible binder they’ve found their way into. It removes the silk screening on the discs and rips at my heart. I will find a way for us to have an organized CD collection. (Got the television going through the stereo too.)

Per the request of the girls, I rolled the dice and took the top off the Jeep. I’m not certain it will survive being put up again which could mean if there is a chance of rain I have to work from the house. I really need to set aside $200-400 and get a new top.

We then took two cars down to fraternity row at UT and let the girls mingle with the sorority girls. Only two of the seven girls reported being invited to after game parties and beer on the spot.

It was a great day and a fantastic outing. I should now put in 4 hours of programming but I think I just want to relax with my wife.

Tomorrow I will dry wall, go to the TVA Fair, cook dinner and program. (What a great reference!)

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