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Magic Space

I had planned on spending the day programming and practicing juggling. Missed on both accounts. BUT I did spend the day cleaning my garage. The intent was to clean the office so that I could move one busted dryer out and move another busted dryer in. How did we end up in the garage? Well, the trash from the office has to go somewhere! The driveway had become so messy that a person could hardly walk through it. Now it is clear and the retaining has shelves to hold all the gardening suppies. That clear driveway gave me the ability to pull a bunch of stuff from the garage and in the process threw many things away! I swept then looked at the space. Took some lumber that was doing nothing (oak I think) and used some cinder blocks for some make shift shelves. Put everything back in and was left with this great vaccuum in the middle! The kids bikes should fit in the garage now!

I wish I could take the rest of this week and just clean.

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