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Today’s Lesson

How to Catch a Fly (no chopsticks required (amz))

A fly will tend to steer away from something approaching it in the exact opposite direction. In other words, it runs instead of dogging. So the best way to catch a fly is not to grab for it since it will just fly away from your hand. Instead uses these steps:

  1. reach over and beyond the fly.
  2. Next form your hand like a claw with fingers toward the floor and fingertips curled slightly toward your body.
  3. Your arm at this point will probably be fully extended and the fly between your body and hand. Rapidly draw your claw toward your body.
  4. The fly will instictively steer the opposite direction of the hand and fly toward you. Seeing the obsticle of the body it goes for height but the arm is there to block it. By the time it decides to go to the side you are closing your hand around it.
  5. Final step, dispose of the fly. This can be releasing it to the outside (or inside if you want to catch it again) or putting it out of your misery. You can throw a fly to the floor with enough force to render it unconscious. Warning! It will revive to annoy you with much ferocity.

Go forth great fly hunter and leave your chopsticks at home!

[Note: No actual flies were harmed in the making of this post.]

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