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Valdalism is NOT Freedom of Speech!

Give me my America back! The America I grew up in promoted Freedom of Speech and encouraged the discussion of opposing views.

The location of the two signs. The Bush sign sits on a corner lot with a lot of traffic. The Kerry sign is the corner house’s neighbor on a lesser traveled street. Posted by Hello

This sums up the Republican attitude quite well for me. I feel the Republican party has turned quite Orwelling and has resorted to mob tactics, scare tactics and down right communistic behavior.

I know the valdalism has happened on both sides but my rant is beyond the specifics of this example. I began discussing the signs below with my 11 year old daughter.

Kerry Edwards with a W craved into it by vandals. Posted by Hello

Her math class did an exercise with bar graphs by counting the percentage of the class that was supporting each candidate. My daughter said she was supporting Bush so I took some time to put together a list of his accomplishments and failures (its since been overwritten by accident…is my daughter a Bush vandal?!). I opted to discuss politics with her. During a Girl Scount event the girls all said they were supporting Bush and my daughter jumped on the bandwagon. The main reason was that “Bush was cutier than Kerry.” So I discussed with my daughter that your own opinion may not be the popular opinion but that is no reason to not express it.

The Bush Cheney sign sits undamaged. Posted by Hello

My daughter still sides with the Bush camp. I asked why and she responded with “because he can do a better job.” I asked her to site some examples. I even fed them to her “he can do a better job of managing the nation’s debt” “he can do a better job fighting terrorism” etc and all she could do is shrug. Our schools and government have brainwashed our kids!

I recounted for my daughter the failures of the last 4 years and the reasons I support Kerry. I noted the numerous relatives we have that are supporting Kerry. She is unmoved. So, you might ask, “How much effort should go into deprogramming an 11 year old?” 2 elections from now she will decide the president that will run my country. The deprogramming has to begin NOW! Our future is at stake! Now is when we choose to save democracy or give in to a communistic state.

The cold war ended and George W Bush was angered by that. GW wants the Cold War back and is disguising that as a war against terrorism. How much money, resources and lives were wasted on the Cold War? Why do we want it back?


Records and Experience

Bush Resume written from a former Bush supporter

Voter’s Self-Defense Manual 2004 brought to us by

The Crawford Texas Newspaper endorses Kerry!


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