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Political – Biased Paper Tries to Lull Dems into Not Voting

Today’s Knoxville News Sentinel (the world’s worst paper) ran an article on the front left read of the paper titled Pollster: Bush lead in state approaching a ‘blowout’ ( BugMeNot for a login )

George Bush’s lead over John Kerry in Tennessee has passed the “no contest” level and is approaching the “blowout” level, according to the director of a new poll conducted by the University of Tennessee Social Science Research Institute.
There can only be one goal here. The paper is trying to create a self-fulfilling prophecy by telling people “if you support Kerry, no need to come to the polls.” What a horrible tactic! Save my America! Don’t be duped by such propaganda!
South Knox Bubba has exceptional words on this including this quote:
The Zogby poll ending Oct. 18th shows Bush 50.3% to Kerry 48.7% in Tennessee.
If it is truly that close then the News Sentinel article is really unfair to the democratic process.

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