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A New Day!

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This Morning

Last night Tommy and I went to Cherokee Caverns (broken link atm) Haunted Cave (coupon) which has an interesting history (broken link atm). Apparently this off the beaten track cave was a popular attraction with the landowner’s house and restaruant sitting atop the cave entrance until in 1980 when a fire burned the structures to the ground. Why in 24 years something wasn’t rebuilt to showcase this beautiful cave eludes me. The formations are still mostly intact. Unfortunately, vandals have broke many of the stalactites but still not enough to ruin the cave for visitors.

The visitors were all very appropriate. No blatant drunkness. No sweet, musty smells. One adult couple (my age or older) had some laughable, rather innocent fun in the line. I think I was the only one to notice. She wore overalls. He was standing behind her hugging her but his right hand was inside the overalls down to her crotch and it was making pulsing motions. Her right hand covered her crotch like a small boy with a strong urge to pee and she had an ear to ear calm grin.

The ghouls did an awesome job. I was apprehensive because I was told that the cave was an adult experience but most of the line consisted high schoolers then there was a large contingent of 6-8 year olds. Overall the event was well done but not too scary. Our overprotective society no longer allows ghost and ghouls to physically touch their victoms so the classic surprise brushes are gone. Tommy and I pulled up the rear with the guide. I was introduced to our group of 20 or so scare victoms by the guide and throughout the tour she called to me to see if the tail was still with the group. At one point we did a trust exercise where we had to put our hands on the shoulders of the person in front of us (so Tommy was holding onto a stranger) and we walked through the pitch black of a pit full of snakes. We stepped on snakes. They bit out of ankles and hisses in our ears. Upon exiting the snake pit we stepped on a platform that vibrated so violently that I thought the roof might cave it. I expected to see the lady in overalls lying on it. I would give the Haunted Cave a recommendation for 10 years and older and a consideration for any 6 year old and older that is well adjusted and knows what to expect. Cost: $8 per person ($1 coupon handed out at the event by The Humane Society) children may be cheaper..I didn’t ask.

Outside the cave the ghouls had fog machines that poured the fog into 2 foot (.6 meter) sqaure boxes. The back panel was made of something flexible (cloth perhaps) and the front had a circle cut in it. When the back was slapped with a hand the box would fire a smoke ring 25-30 feet (7.6-9 meters). From this distance you could feel the air wack you as one cannon made fun by firing smoke rings into the crowd standing in line (we probably had 40-60 or more people in front of us and an equal number showed up behind us with more pouring in as we left). There was a child’s tent with some games (I assume this helps if a child has to be removed for being to scared). Beverages and food were available.

Much fun was had! Tommy behaved exceptionally! Twice he tried to turn to complaining (smoke and boredom in the line) but after a reminder to speak only nice things we had no more complaining.

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