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Huffing – Canned Air (reprint)

(I still see regular hits in the stats on this) I probably get a hit a day to my blog from people searching for information on “tetrafluoroethane huffing”. I don’t know if these are concerned parents or experimenters looking for instructions on how to do it safely. THERE IS NO SAFE WAY!

Live healthy, eat healthy and you will have natural buzzes that beat anything a substance can give you!

My original post from April appears in the box below.

I had a question about my “canned air” reference. This is neat stuff. The chemical composition is 1,1,1,2-Tetrafluoroethane (at least in the Fellowes brand that I buy). It’s a chemical under pressure that is typically used to blow dust out of computers. If you turn it upside down the chemical will spray out in liquid form and can freeze ants or be used to remove bubble gum stuck to something.

I found it interesting that when I bought this at Walmart I had to have an “age verification” which severely slowed me down at the self-serve checkout. This forum discusses the “blackouts” and “paralysis” caused by huffing canned air. Would You Know If Your Child Was “Huffing”? (scroll down to see article. Note 1999 publish date.)


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