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Last night was Incredible!

The IncrediblesWithout giving anything away, I have to say that “The Incredibles” (trailers) was incredible!

There were many incredible aspects of this movie. It began with the previews. Your normal movie has that series of slide advertisements with the trivia mingled in, then there are hopefully several movie previews.The Incredibles movie poster

This show started off with what appeared to be a teaser more than a movie preview. Then there was an encouragement to turn off cell phones and use good manners. Then there was another teaser. We started to get the picture that an animated picture called “Bigs” (Bigfoot) is in the works. Then there was a movie preview for “National Treasure” (some production pictures) Then more appearances by the Bigs cast. Our comment, “they must have a lot of money.” Then we enjoyed a Pixar animated short (welcome back old time days of movies!) titled Boundin’ (See a sneak peek.). It slowly became evident that Bigs is actually a Regal production (I could be wrong) and likely to be a series of short films that they are going to show before the movies instead of advertisement! We had no traditional ads! There were two product refences. When we were told about concessions Coke was mentioned and when the reminder to silence cell phones came up Cingular was mentioned.

Comic Con Incredibles picture The movie was action packed, had a wonderful plot, great subtly, fantastic balance of adult and child humor, and exceptional animation. I highly recommend seeing “The Incredibles” and suggest Fandango. They were turning people away at the counter but because we Fandango’d we had tickets and a compliment from the person behind the counter.

(picture unrelated to the movie but er, .. incredible)

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