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1 dike 10 fingers 11 holes

Ok. First the heat pump (if you don’t want to count the array of problems with the vehicles, the computers, couch, dental work and other things that predecessed the heat pump) and now the Garbage Disposal – In-Sink-Erator 444 (amz) (and yes, that’s the exact same one we have!) It’s been a good unit. And it has an “in-house 4 year warantee” which I guess I now get to figure what that means. The motor now just hums and yes I checked to make sure the blades were not jammed. It also looks like we have some leakage out the bottom now. I have to assume that a seal has broken or that a utensil dropped in the disposal punctured something. I don’t know. But this moves up pretty high on the priority list.

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