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What next?!

Fuel line split in the car. You know..50 cents worth of fuel line but this car with all of its sundry dealer specific options has managed to create dealer only part out of the fuel line and rings in at $291.18 and thats the part only!

Great. Now the cable is out. How am I supposed to work without the Internet?! How do I pay for things if I can’t work?!

Tis a sign. Let’s fix some things. I will read about the fuel line repair. That is the highest priority. Then the garbage disposal.

Alright. Since I started drafting this I’ve jacked the car up and inspected the fuel leak. Looks like road debris got the line. The repair will involve removing the entire fuel tank and the shop can’t see us until Wednesday. Seeing how the part is $300 alone I bet that repair comes close to $1000. So I thought for safety I should rent a car. To get one that fits us will cost $550 for a week. Don’t forget the garbage disposal just went out and that $99-150 and if we wait too long things will begin to smell. Oh, and then there are the chilly nights with no heat pump (think anywhere from $300-3000). And I’ve been budgetting $800 to finish the french drain. And then there is urgent dental work which may be $1500-2500. Another project is being budgetted at $400 per month until it can be paid. And I want to replace our vehicles with a new one and I anticipate that to be $700-800 per month plus some cash ($2000-3000) down.

I’m going to go hide in bed.

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