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To Death and Evil

When I came across the Chickadee

It still had life where it lay

A beautiful creature with sweet song

It lived to fly and from breeze

To breeze it flew without care.

Never has a barrel of bad apples

Been turned to edible fruit

With the inclusion of a single

Good apple. Much to the chagrin

Of the optimists, one bad apple

Will ruin the bunch. One good apple

Is devoured either by the bad

Or for a snack or lunch.

On this day, Evil lay in the tall grass.

A cat stalked its unawares prey.

That poor Chickadee was singing

Its last song today.

Having left the nest with foul words

Its mate declared “Good riddance!

Sing with your flock.” Though she meant it not.

When left uncared for wood will rot.

Kept polished, oiled and dry

It will last centuries.

Stains leave curvy marks

Where instead there should be grains.

Termites eat the innards like cancer

Eats the brain.

I rose from the grass

Held the bird in my hand

And crushed from its chest

Its very last breath.

-DM 11/17/04

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