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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

“It’s a new day. I will do the best I can with it. At the end of the day, I will put this day to bed and start new tomorrow.”

The day started off with me committing to myself to program all day long in 4 hour increments. At the end of each 4 hours I would stop and switch to another project.

A phone call. Cathy and I try to rush off to church to deliver much needed clothing (Noah was bare back). Took us 40 minutes to get out of the house, gas in the car, return to house to turn off stove top, get to the church then another 20 minutes to get home. When we returned home the water from the backed up sink (the one with the busted garbage disposal) was running all over the floor from the dishwasher. Task change: fix plumbing.

Wife gets upset at filthiness of kitchen. Task change: clean house.

Task change: no, work.

Tommy is fighting his Trojan Horse project. Task change: Go buy balsa wood and build Tommy’s project with him.

Task change: no, blog to calm.

Task change: no, work.

Task change: no, just sit around and wig out.

Yesterday/Last Night

Rushed Noah out the door to get to his 10am soccer tournament. I took Molly as she had dog school at 2pm. The day promised to be an interesting juggling act of children swapping. Cathy had planned on being there for Noah’s first game then taking Sarah to Girl Scouts but they were running behind. Noah lost his first game in the tournament then played with his friends and jumped in the Bounce House. Molly was so over excited that by the end of the day I felt like I’d been chopping wood all day long. I kept her from jumping on people except for one sweet little girl in a white shirt. Did I mention how muddy the fields were? 20 minutes into the first game the grandparents joined us with Amy and Tommy. Granny left after a short bit for a rather lengthy time. Tommy slept in the chair. Amy bounced and played in wet beach sand and became a terrible mess. Molly calmed and wet pet by a thousand kids while parents cringed and warned their children not to approach dogs. My reply was always, “they already know each other” as most of the children had already pet Molly. A 3 month old Bassett Hound (I think that is wrong) showed up and they barked at each other until I asked if they could meet and the owner and I cautiously let them approach. The small dog’s child owner freaked but the dogs did no harm to each other and the small one realized “I should be scared of this” so I backed Molly off.

Noah lost his 2nd game and started to become dejected. Noah then disappeared for 30 minutes while I ran around with Molly trying to stay calm. I could not find yellow number 10 to save my life. Turns out he was right beside us with his gray sweat jacket donned.

Molly, Tommy and I parted company for dog school and Noah lost his third game of the tournament and declared he didn’t like soccer anymore.

Dog school was hard. Molly was overdone by that point. I gave Tommy the honors of walking to 1/4 mile down to the convenient mart to buy himself some food and he was thrilled.

After dog school we went to Agrifeed to have Molly’s picture made with Santa. She did really well!

Cathy and I decided a date was in order and ended the day on dinner and a movie (National Treasure) and included Tommy who was polite and well behaved.

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