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Yesterday was a hard day for Molly. We began the day cramming for dog school. We practiced several times before lunch. Molly had bath which she deplores. On the way to dog school we tried to got Petsmart. She encountered small yipping things and big sniffing things but we bailed out quickly. The crowds were unbelievable!

So, onto dog school. We get there early and Molly enjoys everyone’s presence. Then we throw the ball. Then there is a half an hour of exercises. Then an hour of testing. The dogs all did great. Molly’s performance could have been better but “if there was an award for most improved, Molly would get it!” She had a blast.

I’m going to miss dog school. Molly was so wiped out that she slept the whole afternoon. Then in the evening she joined Cathy and I in bed (yes, a dog has come between us) but slept the entire night in the same spot on her back with all 4 paws up in the air. She looked like the horse from Animal House.

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