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Dead Fish Swimming

This beta fish is incredible. It actually has personality! I found this glass container at AC Moore roughly 3 years ago for something like $6 and the plant at Bi-Lo for $4 and the fish for $3 or so. I thought Sarah would really enjoy it and she has.

I’d seen a cheap plastic version of this type of tank for $19.95 so for less money I put together a better quality fish bowl myself. I was told to expect the beta to live approximately 2 years if well cared for. I would not say that we always take the best care. For instance, I should have taken this picture 10 minutes later as the water is no longer as cloudy as it is in this picture. The fish is regularly fed and has lived nearly 3 years!

Frequently it is so still in the tank that Cathy and I have each announced “time for a new fish” but then we move the plant and it swims off. I do recall being told “it likes to hang out in the roots of plants.” I am sure it was resting peacefully and we probably scare some life out of it each time we do that but it is so hard not to check on the fish when it goes so long without moving!

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