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A New Day!

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This Morning

NOoooo! I only had a few more hours of work to do and I made the mistake of taking a powernap..and 8 hour power nap!

The grifters I have for neighbors just reported that that “two big screen televisions” were stolen..and “you’ll see another rental truck out here today because we can’t live without one.” Before these people moved in we had no crime rate in this neighborhood. This had to be setup by them. When they want a new car they conveniently get rear ended. Everything they own is rented so when they want something different it gets “stolen”. If the televisions were really stolen it was by someone that knows them.

No the part that gets my goat. I watched a truck pull into their driveway or yard as it almost hit my Jeep. I meant to go out and talk to them but I got distracted. I wonder what the outcome would have been.

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