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Enjoy Life!

I have to say I really enjoy my life!

I took much pleasure in watching Noah sing with the other 3rd graders. He blinked rapidly the whole time (time for glasses? nerves? tired?), yawned several times, appeared to mouth the words or just not sing at points and bellowed out the lyrics at other times. He really seemed to enjoy himself and I’m not going to shoot him down by griping about anything such as the yawming (I did have to ask about the eyes..I had to know if his eyes were hurting).

Sometimes as a parent it is so difficult to focus on the things the child did right and ignore the things the child did “wrong” (I’d prefer to say differently.) It is so easy to see where someone could that a co-worker, a public official, an actor, or your own child. We should not let our search for perfection destory another’s moment of glory.

Amy was very well behaved and also a pleasure to watch growing. She is very impressive.

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