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Good Neighbors

Isn’t Desperate Housewives all about discussing your neighbors? If network television can do it so can I!

The night before last my wife and I watch a truck back into the neighbors drive or front yard. I almost went out to talk to them because the way it backed in looked like it almost hit my Jeep but got distracted. Later that night we receive a phone call but I missed the call.

Yesterday morning at 7am one of the neighbors is knocking on our door. Apparently the previous night someone stole their two large screen televisions (rented). Now this is not the first time they have had things “stolen” from their house. Once it was a jacket and video tapes or something as silly. I think once they said someone broke a window to get in.

Now one of the first things I checked when looking to buy in this location was crime rate. There is none. And none of the other neighbors have ever complained of any theft.

Last night I come home and notice that one of their cars is in the street with the engine running, no lights on and two people sitting in it. I drove past it twice to see who was in it. As I park in my driveway I notice their other car also has the engine running, no lights on and a person in it.


One possibility: they stole the televisions from themselves and were worried that I saw who did it ergo the phone call and the inquisition.

Another possibility: they really were robbed (ex-boyfriend?) and were hanging out with hopes that the crooks would come back and they would take matters into their own hands.


I called the sheriff and requested some increased patrols through the neighborhood.

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