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What I did with my weekend

My new disposal came in the mail but had a factory installed 3 prong plug installed (model 444-5a) where my old in sink erator (model 444-3) had to be wired directly to the switch. So I installed a GFIC outlet in addition to the new disposal. Relatively easy work but I had to complicate it rerouting some of the plumbing. The new disposal is quiet and working well. I do highly recommend it. The service was exception and the equipment good quality.

Of course, then I decided to change the brakes on the car. Doesn’t everybody do this?

This makes your car stop. I only completed the rear brakes but considering that of the 4 brake pads I could only find 3 and of those 3 two were braking on the metal and one had only a sliver of pad left I would say it had become rather urgent (yes, 3 pads implies that one disk was braking on the caliper piston).

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