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True Life Comedy

My life is filled with those moments that sitcoms are made of. Like a few minutes ago with the theme song to Scrubs “I can’t do this all on my own. no I know I’m no supperman… I’m no supperman” running through my head, I gleefully saunter into the kitchen and perk up upon seeing someone has conveniently left the hat box sized Christmas cookie tin of sugar cookies that I so enjoy munching on out on the stove. I pop the lid to see the litter of cup cake like wrappings that once held about 4 cookies each but fear not for the tin has looked like this for a few weeks but never fails to yield a tasty delight. I dive my hand in and swoosh it around to score…a diaper! Not the kind of cookies I expected to put my hand into. But funny none the less! “da da DAAaa da I’m no superman!

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