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Today’s challenges

This Morning

Wow! I woke up at 2:30 to begin documentation work and because MS Word was crashing and this machine is so dog gone slow it is now 4:30 and I’m just getting in gear. That’s what most of my days are like. I spent hours getting to the point of being able to do something only to be distracted by something else or redirected to other efforts. It’s very frustrating.

On the positive side, the lottery numbers are posted.

Today’s challenges:

  • 8 hours of coding (PHP)
  • 72 hours of documentation (Plumtree)
  • 8 hours of security setting adjustments (Plumtree)
  • 3 hours training other staff (Plumtree)
  • 1.5 hours mundane name and setting changes in system (Plumtree)
  • Spend 6am-8am getting the kids off to school (I’ll get to the office at 9am)
  • leave office at 2pm for bank and pick Tommy up from school
  • by 4pm have Tommy in Lenior city for STAR until 5pm with a 20 minute drive on either side
  • plan a Scout meeting and have materials ready for a 6:30-7:30 meeting (I’ll get out at 8pm)
  • Cook remaining 2 lbs of ground beef or throw it away
  • prepare dinner and feed family (can you say McDonald’s!)

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