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A New Day! Let’s start the day off with a PayPa…

A New Day!

Let’s start the day off with a PayPal donation link:

This Morning

I’m on my last day of this Plumtree Portal contract. I’m disappointed because the project did not achieve the desired goals. A co-worker assures me that I had a daunting task in front of me and that I did great work. I don’t like leaving something incomplete.

On a big positive we are beginning week 23 of the wife’s pregnancy (click here to offer name suggestions) (and a discussion on vasectomies) and I finally got the nerve to tell my parents. Funny how we grow older and still fear our parents judgement! They reacted well but I bet they had some interesting conversation when the phone hung up. My mother asked “how are you going to get by?” I assured her we will although with no predictable income I sometimes wonder myself.

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