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Moose and Squirrel

The dog and the cat are hilarious. The cat is not declawed and the dog just wants to play with the cat. The cat wants the dog to play but by her rules. She typically parks herself within range of the dog, a window sill or bookshelf, and the dog will come up to her and sniff her and lick her. When she’s had enough she plays drums on the dogs nose and for some reason never uses her claws. The dog doesn’t get it and keeps trying to lick her so the cat incorporates both front paws pounding on the dogs nose as fast as she can. It’s a sight I need to video.

Stand up (9.3MB – 37 seconds. I have to figure out how to compress video!)
Get the message (4.4MB – 17 seconds)
Good doggie..have a pet (1.4MB – 5 seconds)

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