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Tuesdays are for typing

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This Morning
I woke at 1:30, 3:00, 4:30 and finally got up at 6:05 in one of those panics where I wished death would visit instead of making me have to face the day. I really wanted to skip sleeping last night in favor of productivity. I need a vacation so badly it hurts and I mean one of those vacations where I get away from work, bills and home repair.

Sarah wrestles the dog. It’s nice to see them starting to bond.
Noah, thrilled in his own independence, has walked to the bus stop.
Tommy refuses to eat the eggs I cooked today; instead he sits on his bed waiting for the bus to come so he can get dressed.
Amy, by some miracle and despite Sarah playing fetch with the dog up and down the hallway, remains asleep.
Omega grows.
Cathy rests.

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