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On no! I’ve run out of coffee! Not actually a big deal except that I’m almost out of herbal tea too! I’ve cut my caffeine intake way down. I allow myself up to 3 cups of coffee per day. No sodas. I drink decaf tea with the exception on one or two herbal teas that have minor caffeine in them.

Yesterday I actually did something for myself. I worked on the database design for TN Lottery Results. As soon as the database design is in place I can lay a new look on the site. Right now it looks like such trash. I also put in some client hours programming. And had a very rewarding time working with my son on a school project.

In the evening I had the Asperger’s Support Group and arrived after several of the guests. They were setting chairs up around tables which I don’t think is conducive to a support group setting so after some room rearranging and confirming our dates out to August we were rolling. Fantastic discussions! What a wonderful group of people we had with caregivers for people of ages 5 to adult. Everyone contributed and we had interesting topics such as ‘will an aspie ever be able to write?’ and ‘is the messy eatting sensory or fine motor?’ and ‘do they have friends?’ (a resounding “no” simultaneously from the entire group). Of course there was some school discussion and other topics. I was spacey. Having taken the wrong car to the support group I left Cathy needing to get to her meeting and taking the girls without a car seat.

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