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Certain in our house don’t last beyond one use. Neosporin in our house is a one use item. After its used on a single cut or scrape the tube disappears. My daughter and I did the hapless search this morning to treat her papercut. On a different note, it looks like everything can be bought on Amazon. I think I’ll try to start making more purchases there.

In other Lost, last night’s episode was fantastic. In the flash back scene where the Japanese man delivered the thank you and got the dog did anyone see Hurley getting out of a car on the television that the child was watching? I love how the flashbacks tie the characters together. I also find it intriguing that the two people with apparent special abilities both verbalized that they “like it here.” I wonder when the boys special talent is going to be revealed. The preview for next week’s show has me wanting to fast forward my life and get this week over with.

USA Today writes ‘Lost’ Island burns with mystery By Bill Keveney


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