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No Anger Necessary

Anger has to be the absolute worse emotion and the most unnecessary. It accomplishes absolutely nothing that less harmful sentiments cannot achieve. Recently I had grown to believe that the only way I could get the puppy or the children to respond was to bark orders at them. I’ve made a concerted effort to try to break what developed into an “angry habit.”

I’ve slipped once today already. I’m going to be more prudent for the remainder of the day. I feel better in my chest when I am not being angry towards others.

Anger is so contagious. When others are having a bad time the good energy in you seems to evaporate quickly. It’s as if your good energy burns twice as fast to try to help bring the down person up but as you burn through your good fuel you crash and suddenly there are two negative magnetics sucking energy from the room. Unhappiness breeds unhappiness like coachroaches produce offspring.

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