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Speaking of Spaying

Study: Teens Who Pledge Virginity Try To Bend The Rules “Poll finds they’re more likely to have tried anal and/or oral sex.” Man! Being a teen sounds a lot more fun than it was in my day!

Teens who take abstinence pledges are almost as likely to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases as kids who don’t, according to a new study that found pledgers tend to substitute other risky behavior for regular intercourse. … Researchers found that kids believe engaging in oral and anal sex gets around the rules of abstinence programs by technically preserving their virginity.

What do the naive adults have to say?

Leslee Unruh, president of the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, called the study “bogus.” “Kids who pledge abstinence are taught that any word that has ‘sex’ in it is considered sexual activity”

And the message to those teenagers on the dating scene is ‘if you want some action, try an abstainer!’

Just 2 percent of kids who never took a pledge said they had engaged in oral or anal sex but not intercourse, compared with 13 percent of “consistent pledgers.”

Of course the message to parents is “talk to your kids!”

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