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I want to discuss finances here but I view it inappropriate. Besides to discuss the details could potentially put my family in harms way. For instance, I’ve had to garage a car since in order to make this happen I could not afford to renew the registration or insurance on that vehicle. This week it will be a small miracle if I can keep the kids fed. I’ve had to delay payment on important bills and go to arbitration with UT over a loan.

However, 3 weeks ago I made the last payment on a debt I’ve fought for 15 years. Part of that conclusion did include a lump settlement with the creditor. It was huge relief!

The irony?

Yesterday I received a letter from the creditor declaring me free and clear. In a separate envelop was a new bill from an unrelated source for an amount almost the same as what I just paid off. It numbs the mind.

“We must keep the proletariate down for if they rise just a litte we will not be able to keep them down.”

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