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Earth at Risk

We are using the Earth to improve our lives, but our children and grandchildren will live in a worsening environment that endangers their existence, more than 1,300 scientists warn.

Some of the recommended changes:

  • Remove subsidies to agriculture, fisheries and energy sources (such as fossil fuels) that harm the environment.
  • Pay landowners to manage property in ways that help the environment, such as storing carbon dioxide, which causes global warming.
  • Use free-market incentives to reduce farm pollution and global-warming gas emissions.
  • Protect more areas from development, especially in the oceans.
  • Invest in cleaner technology for agriculture and energy use.

I wish our city planners would read these recommendations as we continue to leave old buildings empty and build new buildings. And plan unnecessary roadways like the Knoxville beltway (the Orange Line).

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