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Early Bird Catches the, er, Bird

I noticed a lot of people coming here trying to find the resin so I made a post called Where does one find powdered resin? Hope it helps!

Last night at scouts we made bird calls.

MATERIALS: 2″ hardwood, eye screw, resin powder

Take a close grained hardwood such a rock maple or mountain ash, about 2″ long.
Drill a hole in one end, slightly smaller than the screw threads of your eye screw. Turn the eye screw into it. Unscrew the eye, put a little resin powder in the hole. As you twist the screw back and forth in the hole, very slowly, you can make a chirp chirp or trill in loud, clear notes.
With practice, this device will produce an astounding variety of bird noises.
Paint or decorate if desired.
Elective 12h in the Bear Handbook

They work great! We encouraged the scouts to get up early today and use the birdcall to attract birds to their porches. As we walked around the school grounds last night the scouts sounded like a flock of birds and actually attracted several birds to us despite their jumping around and loud talk.

Noah was so excited he woke up at 5:40 this morning. But his bird call is missing. He is walking around with the sadest look on his face. I feel bad. He is so dejected. I looked and just became more and more aggitated. I know he brought it home and I know he put it somewhere in his room. At least I think he did. I just hate to see him get so excited over something that is outdoors and involves nature then get so shot down. I can’t get the kids to put things away or clean up and this happens all the time.

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