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In Tea Heaven…sort of

My Adagio Tea arrived today. I was excited and a little disappointed. My wife had a page rank of 5 and should have gotten the ingenuiTEA Set but when her site was evaluated the link had slipped into an archive post so she got 1 tea, no thank you note, and no instructions. The tea was vanilla (Tea Sample).

My page rank was 4 and I learned from my wife and Zero Boss so I took a little extra effort and made the banner ad above and the advertising square to the left. I didn’t expect anything extra for those. I was sad that my wife was so terribly disappointed in not receiving her just rewards due to Adagio’s poor instructions so instead of ordering Herbal which she would avoid drinking for now I ordered Flavors because I read somewhere that 4 flavors would arrive and she might enjoy some variety. The tea that arrived today was vanilla (4oz Tin of Tea).

(see also Catawampus, Serendipitous Reflections and my original post and the day I received the email notification incase you want to see the time frame it takes to get your tea)

Perhaps some of you kind folk could find a spot on your sites to link to TN Lottery Results (yes, it’s ugly right now). If its page rank would jump from 2 to 5 I could get Cathy the ingenuiTEA Set.

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