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Domestic Terrorists Urge the Destruction of America Thru the Elimination of Civil Liberties and Basic Freedoms Without Checks and Bounds

Officials Urge Renewal of Patriot Act

The Bush administration’s two top law enforcement officials on Tuesday urged Congress to renew every provision of the anti-terror Patriot Act. FBI Director Robert Mueller also asked lawmakers to expand the bureau’s ability to obtain records without first asking a judge.

FBI Director Robert Mueller of course is the reincarnation of J Edgar Hoover

What are the dangers to a democracy of a national police organization, like the FBI, which operates secretly and is unresponsive to public criticism?” – The essay question that pissed off Hoover. It was optional question number 7 on UC’s 1959 English aptitude test for high school applicants. See: Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare – a SF Chronicle Special Report "Secret FBI files show how the bureau’s covert campaign to disrupt the Free Speech Movement and topple UC President Clark Kerr helped launch the political career of an actor named Ronald Reagan"

Let’s review these words “asked lawmakers to expand the bureau’s ability to obtain records without first asking a judge.” Incase you don’t get it, they are asking for unbarred permission to outright spy on the American people using “terrorism” as a scare tactic to encourage you to give up your rights. Terrorism has been around for decades. The Patriot Act is not helping.

He said that some of the most controversial provisions of the Patriot Act have proven invaluable in fighting terrorism and aiding other investigations.

I’d like to see some evidence supporting this.

He also asked Congress to expand the FBI’s administrative subpoena powers, which allow the bureau to obtain records without approval or a judge or grand jury.

More requests to open opportunity to the abuse of privileges and the harassment of the American people without checks and bounds.

In one of his concerts, Bruce Springsteen said, “Blind faith in your leaders, or in anything, will get you killed.” Never was a truer word spoken, and it is particularly correct at this time.

Now is not the time for ambivalence. Now is not the time for apathy. Now is not the time for blind faith in your leaders! Now is the time to be political. Stand up for your rights. Contact your congress person today!

Other quotes:

“Cooler heads can now see that the Patriot Act went too far, too fast and that it must be brought back in line with the Constitution,” said Gregory Nojeim, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Washington legislative office.

(AP) Attorney General Alberto Gonzales testifies on reauthorization of the Patriot Act before the…
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The ACLU is part of an unusual coalition of liberal and conservative groups, including the American Conservative Union, that have come together in a joint effort to lobby Congress to repeal key provisions of the Patriot Act.

Among the controversial provisions is a section permitting secret warrants for “books, records, papers, documents and other items” from businesses, hospitals and other organizations.

…criticism has led five states and 375 communities in 43 states to pass anti-Patriot Act resolutions…

Even some Republicans are concerned.

…the central concern of opponents, which is that it allows the government to seize records of people who are not suspected terrorists or spies.

Gonzales also notes that the law has been used in non-terrorism cases.

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