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Attempted Amputations

I tried Jack’s amputation technique last night (see also Lost and Do No Harm). Fortunately, I still have my thumb but this morning it is sore!

I’ve started listening to Stephen R Covey‘s audio tapes again. I feel that I need the review. Instantly I receive a gold nugget that I’ve longed since misplaced. Stephen advises that once a week we have our children teach us something they have learned in school. That by doing so, the roles are reversed as the parent becomes the student and the child has a greater feeling of self-worth and importance; the child takes a greater interest in the subject matter; and the child’s performance will improve.

This morning I told Tommy I wanted him to teach me something he was learning in school and suggested math. His initial response was to mutter dejectedly, “you probably already know how…” But after I assured him I genuinely wanted him to teach me, he about jumped out of his shorts. He became energized and excited. He said, “I’m learning…well, I don’t know what its called but I’ll find out today.” then he exclaimed, “Yippee! I get to be the teacher!” I was blown away. Now if I can only be a good parent and have the patience and memory to follow thru.

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