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Bizarre Error Message of the Day

“managed MAPI service catastrophic error”

First bit of research brings up to this site with these possibilities:

The message « Managed MAPI Service Catastrophic Failure » appears to come from a wrong configuration from the Anti-Spam feature of Norton internet security.

To test if this applies to you can:

Launch Symantec Internet Security from the “active icon bar” or how ever your PC is setup;
Click the “Norton Antispam” button;
Click on the “Allowed list” link;
Click on the “Configure” button;
Click the “Import Address Book” button;

In doing so you should see the message « Managed MAPI Service Catastrophic Failure » appear …. Answer OK (once or more depending on how many MAPI are wrongly configured)… And the last message would be “Norton AntiSapm did not find any new addresses”; click OK…. And “OK”; And proceed to next step….

To correct the problem you can configure your Anti-Spam and remove unused services:

From the area titled “Email”, click the “Client integration” button;
In this window, make sure only services you are using are checked; (Outlook, outlook express….); Click OK when done;

To test if configuration is correct, click the “Import address book” again, the message should no longer appear; if you have unchecked the correct services…

The response: OK, cool, that works.


It is an Outlook problem! Delete the ‘Business Manager Contacts’ data file and you are smooth sailing. It really is as simple as that. It took me 2 weeks to figure this out. I saw some info on the web that the Busines Manager Contacts feature causes probelms, but not


Are you using Outlook 2003.
Symantec’s web site says this is a known problem, run live update

Mine went away through the use of magic. (And having Outlook already open when I tried to send email from MapPoint)

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