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Sympathethic Calf Cramps

So I wake at 12:30! I’m thrilled. I can get 5-6 hours of work in before the house activity starts!

So at 3:30 I open my eyes and lie in bed listening to someone wandering about. Shortly later Amy wanders into the bedroom. It’s only natural that I want to stay in bed and keep her between Cathy and I for safety.

A few minutes later I’m punished with a calf cramp that makes me want to scream.

At 4:30 I rise to get to work. I’m particularly happy because the dog has chosen to stay in the bed with Amy and Cathy which should make Cathy very happy. I have this happy thought as I climb the stairs and by the last step the dog is behind me. I close the gate trapping her downstairs. She’ll punish me by spoiling the carpet I’m sure.

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