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So you think you know?

The India Daily reports “Thousands of Missiles Fired by Russian and American Forces over Earths Arctic Regions – completely unannounced – Are we fighting extraterrestrial UFOs?

The article mentions that several news services have stated that Russia and the United States are jointly participating in a previously unannounced war game for missle defense systems but questions the secrecy.

Could a war be going on above our atmosphere? Was the Iraq situation not about oil but perhaps the location needed to better deploy our EDS?

The Columbia space shuttle could be the public’s first glimpse at what was to come. Perhaps the first attack was on the Columbia which could explain why no other launches have occurred. The Columbia may have sustained phaser damage but having no defenses had to escape into the atmosphere and attempt an emergency landing. Why not escape to the space station? Simply put, under these circumstances, it certainly has been destroyed.

There are also reports that someone is manipulating the earth’s weather systems in a massive scale.

The cosmic bursts hitting the earth are also strange. The Solar flares in recent days have shown extreme abnormal behavior.

The increasing earthquakes, floods, droughts and landslides may have been caused by some artificial agents.

We have seen this evidence in the tsunamis. The 10 story "freak" wave that hit the ocean liner yesterday was obviously caused by a large, intergalactic space craft crashing into the ocean (congrats to the doughboys on that one!); or perhaps an enemy space to earth missle intended to hit a continent went off course and exploded in the ocean.

Look folks! ET has come home!

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