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The day thus far

I rose at 3:00am and spent the first hour blogging, dog walking and posting the lottery numbers. The next part of the morning was spent exercising my brain. I figure I have to make myself my own client. Even if TN Lottery Results and Complete Lottery Info never make a dime, they are important learning tools to help me break some of the bad habits I’ve developed over my years of coding websites. This morning I rearranged TN Lottery Results to accommodate the new Lotto 4 game. Behind the scenes I started rebuilding the code from scratch to accommodate a clean look instead of the horror that it current is. I also started working on making the code validate which means to make code usable on any browser and adhering to standards. My next exercise was to take the database design for Complete Lottery Info from paper to computer. That is begun but will take a huge effort to complete. Now I must turn my energy to my clients.

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