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Strung Like Taffy

This week is ending quickly. We lost an important utility but hopefully will have it back this afternoon. Our annual event to support Children’s Mental Health Week is this Saturday at the zoo from 10am – 2pm. I have to put in as many programming hours as possible. I have dozens of phone calls that will all have long hold times. Doctors appointments. Meetings to try to establish insurance. Preparation for that meeting. Boy Scout pack meeting Thursday. Camping in a cave Friday night to drive from the cave to the Zoo for several juggling performances as I failed to get the 4 entertainers we normally have. If you know 2 variety type entertainers in the Knoxville area that will each do a 30 minute show on short notice please have them contact me! Oh, and I haven’t practiced so my routines will be raw. Oh, and the organization that has supplied our decorations for the past 4 years isn’t returning my calls.

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